Christian Aid


CHRISTIAN AID was founded by the churches of Britain and Ireland as Christian Reconstruction in Europe in the aftermath of World War Two with the aim of doing everything possible to help European refugees who had lost everything. This name changed to Christian Aid in 1964 as a recognition of the success of Christian Aid Week which has taken place every year since 1957.
Today Christian Aid works globally to eradicate poverty and its causes with the aim of achieving equality, dignity and freedom for all regardless of faith or nationality. Christian Aid provides urgent, practical and effective assistance where need is great.
At Ness Bank we support Christian Aid mainly through fundraising. During Christian Aid Week we take to the streets of our parish with our House To House envelope collection and we are also well supported by the congregation at the Christian Aid Sunday Service. We also undertake fundraising in support of special projects. At present we are involved with other churches in the Inverness area to fundraise for the Mothers in Malawi Maternal Health Project. From time to time we have guest speakers informing us and keeping us up to date with the current work of Christian Aid.
Further information can be found at and the Christian Aid magazine can be read online or downloaded.

Ness Bank Church of Scotland, Inverness, SC010870 is a Registered Charity

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