The Church of Scotland has a deep concern for the wholeness and wellbeing of each individual. Through its congregations, working together with the safeguarding Service and statutory agencies, the Church seeks to safeguard the welfare of all people who come into contact with the Church.
The Gospel proclaims that it is the responsibility of everyone within the fellowship of the church to prevent harm, be it physical, sexual or emotional, and we will always seek to reduce risk. The Church’s commitment to safeguarding reminds us that God cares passionately about the welfare of all people.
Ness Bank is committed to ensuring that all who come to Ness Bank, especially the young and vulnerable are safe. Safeguarding is not something to be feared, rather applauded, as we all want our church to be a place of safety. 
We have 3 safeguarding co-ordinators: David Ewan, Viv Goodall and Margaret Henderson. Any concerns about a member of our congregation can referred to one of them and will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.
The co-ordinators have been PVGd and trained.They ensure that all appropriate personnel have been PVGd (it stands for Protection of Vulnerable groups) as required by law, and trained as required by the Church of Scotland. 
In 2009 the General Assembly instructed that all congregations must appoint a Safeguarding Panel to support the work of the co-ordinators. Our panel in Ness Bank consists of the Minister, Rev Fiona Smith, the Session Clerk, Mr Wym Simpson, and Dr Jack McDonald, Consultant Paediatrician.    
The need for action due to abuse is fortunately rare, but we must have Safeguarding in place especially with the wide range of activities in which our young and vulnerable folks participate.
Safeguarding information can be found on our noticeboards both up and downstairs giving tel. numbers and more details. 

Ness Bank Church of Scotland, Inverness, SC010870 is a Registered Charity

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